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The agent charge is a fee for a qualified service. That is why its height is determined by the volume and the quality of the services to be provided by the administrator and their employees.

A comparison of agent charges in different quotations is only possible when based on a comparison of the services and the service volume of the agents.


Tenement management:

per flat per month 16,00 Euro
per trade per month 5 % of the gross base rent, at least Euro 20.00
Tenant change per number 60,00 Euro
construction supervision per measure 3 - 5 % of the gross final total amount


Management of condominium areas:

per condominium unit per Month 17,90 Euro
special property per unit per Month 8,00 Euro
special owner meeting per hour 40,00 Euro
construction supervision per measure 3.5 - 5 % of the gross final total amount


Other fees

Simple activities per hour 30,00 Euro
Qualified activity per hour 45,00 Euro
Provision of professional opinions per hour 60,00 - 80,00 Euro
Professional consulting per half hour 36,00 Euro

The prices are net prices without sales tax.