The company history began on 1 October 1991 when Roland Heinke rented a room in the Poschwitz castle and started his work in the real estate business. Since 1992 Roland Heinke has been a member of the Ring Deutscher Makler.

Already in 1993 he gave lectures on the topic of “Real Estate and Assessor Work” at the Universum Lipsiensis GmbH and it was here that he finally found the support of two trainees who were doing a qualification course in the field of property and housing management. Soon after, the first employee was recruited permanently. From now on, a secretary responsible for general office work assisted Roland Heinke.

The real estate company started to grow. So, in Juni 1994, it was possible to employ a specialist in real estate and housing after she had completed her internship.

On 01 July 1996 Roland Heinke was appointed honorary assessor of the Advisory Committee for the region of the Land Registry District of Altenburg. Since 07 May 1997 he has been working as officially appointed and sworn assessor for built-up and vacant plots.

Today, three employees work for the company. Roland Heinke receives additional support from his wife Margitta, who has been the Managing Director of the "Regionales Wirtschaftsinstitut Altenburg " (Regional Economic Institute of Altenburg ) since 1998. Whether it is a commercial task or a question about marketing and company strategy , she always assists him in word and deed.

On the occasion of the 10th company anniversary display boards were installed to give a short overview of the development of the company. The more than one hundred guests who came to the celebration were proof of the trust put in the work of Roland Heinke Immobilien.

The headquarters of many years in the Castle of Poschwitz had to be given up because the new owners were not able to realize comprehensive renovation work within a short time. The condition of the castle had meanwhile deteriorated in a way that caused several damages in the offices.

In the Villa Wettinerstraße 10 the company Roland Heinke Immobilien has found new and appealing offices.




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