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Managing property that belongs to others always calls for a relationship marked by trust between the owner and the property manager. In addition to a personal reliability, impartiality and well-ordered financial circumstances of the property manager, a professional knowledge in terms of administration, corporate management und and current legal regulations is required.

The software applied for property management is becoming more and more important as a decisive factor for the high quality of property management. With the program "Karthago 2000" we dispose of a top product in this industry that fulfils even the highest requirements in all fields of application.

Dividing the responsibilities of the employees depending on the type of property to be managed has proven particularly useful. Thanks to this specialization of our employees the very different tasks in the management of rental property, condominium units or sequestered real estate can be solved in a high quality.

It goes without saying that Roland Heinke himself looks after these properties. Besides the reports in the weekly meetings and personal briefings with employees he inspects the real estate at least once a year together with the responsible employee.


Administration of apartment buildings, multiple use houses and commercial premises

- Conclusion and termination of tenancy agreements

- Delivery and acceptance of flats and commercial premises

- Collection of rents and assertion of all claims arising from the tenancy

- Managing the rent deposit accounts

- Providing overheads as well as heating cost and hot water cost accounting

- Preparing an annual owner cost accounting

- Assigning and monitoring all necessary repair work

- Conclusion of maintenance contracts and assigning maintenance work to the respective companies



Management of condominium units

- Calling an annual general owner meeting

- Settlement of the past financial year

- Preparing a business plan for the current year

- Maintenance measures for the collective property

- Request for payment of encumbrances and costs (HOA fee / maintenance fee)

- Reminders concerning delayed HOA fee payments to the home owners

- Calling extraordinary home owner meetings

- Following warranty claims concerning the collective property



Judicial sequestration

- Continuous employment of Herrn Roland Heinke as a sequestrator by the Municipal Court

- Management of the most different properties such as condominiums, apartment buildings and commercial premises

- Consideration of the question of usability of the property for the later buyer.