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On 07 July 1997 Mr. Roland Heinke was officially appointed and sworn as assessor for the special field of "Evaluation of built-up and vacant properties". This appointment resulted from a well-founded qualification and as a result of a successful public examination. Another important precondition was, however, the proof of own comprehensive assessor work.

Since 1996 Herr Roland Heinke has been working as honorary assessor to the advisory committee for property values for the region of the District of Altenburger Land.

On 22 June 2004 he was appointed honorary assessor to the Supreme Advisory Committee for property values in Thuringia .

Focus of the assessor's work is determining market values

For vacant plots

• evaluation of plots that are ready for building
• estate that is not covered by development plans (e.g. acc. to §35 BauGB)

For rights to estate and encumbrances

• housing and usufructuary rights
• encumbrances and easements (pipelines, right of way, ...)
• annuitisation of purchase prices

For built-up plots and real property and equivalent rights

• apartment buildings and commercial premises, residential property or part-ownership

• for special premises (hotels, senior residences)
• ground lease


In special evaluation cases

• initial and final values for equalization of accrued gains (in case of divorce)

• company evaluation
• for judicial sales